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European Review of Digital Administration & Law

Smart Cities y Derechos Fundamentales

DOI:  10.53136/979125994243210
Pages: 139-148
Publication date: Ottobre 2021
Publisher: Aracne
Technology, cities and fundamental rights. Three notions connected in the first and second industrial revolutions, which brought huge transformations in growing urban environments. One more time in Human History, technical developments settled on digital revolution brings new transformations in occidental cities. But this time, revolution is not based on same grounds. Material property is replaced by data and ethereal technology; some human skills are to be swapped by robots; sense of community is changing from politic body to digital environment; human relations are changing from private and public physical spaces to virtual social networks; decisions are moving from human capacity to predetermination of artificial intelligence. And all above is not about technology or social behavior only, but to individuals. Accordingly, dignity, fundamental rights and free development of personality need to be reinforced. For sure technologies supporting smart cities do also impact on some of our fundamental rights. Thus, new challenges for fundamental rights must end up in new legal solutions: new digital rights, new regulations and new guarantees to defend fundamental rights and freedom are required for such purpose in digital age.
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