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European Review of Digital Administration & Law

Le consentement au traitement des données personnelles à l’épreuve de la smart city

DOI:  10.53136/979125994243213
Pages: 171-188
Publication date: Ottobre 2021
Publisher: Aracne
So-called smart cities are insidiously developing in our societies. This raises many questions about data protection, particularly when data collection and processing should be based on the consent of the data subject. Therefore, how can a person could freely consent to the processing of his or her data captured by all sorts of connected devices of the smart city (IoT, video surveillance cameras, means of transport, payments, etc.) which are indispensable and have replaced all the means that have prevailed until now? This is particularly the case when the citizen has no other choice than to take public transport or a public road and to submit to the use of information technologies and their suppliers. Is the information given to users is sufficient and relevant? Through the analysis of the consequences of low visibility of data processing, the challenges of the imposed use of technology and the question of the identity of the data processor, this contribution aims to question the possibility of data processing based on the informed consent of individuals in the context of the smart city.
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